A fundamental aspect of THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE is chronic indebtedness. Most Americans save very little and are deeply in debt. We have in effect become DEBT SLAVES in that we are working to either pay taxes or pay off notes, mortgages, credit cards, charge accounts and other debts.

Drive down any Main Street in any town in America and you will be confronted with signs advertising the lending ‘services’ of loan and mortgage companies, credit cards, banks, and for those who are already so deeply in debt that they can no longer borrow from conventional sources, there are the ubiquitous pawn shops.

Much of our great American economy seems to be built upon the stressed out and miserable lives of the millions of DEBT SLAVES that are constantly ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’. Their anguish feeds an army of repo men, collection agents, bankruptcy lawyers, and underworld characters.

When we drive through the finer neighborhoods of our cities and towns we see huge houses with equally huge mortgages. At these houses we see driveways crammed with more luxury cars, trucks, and SUV’s than inhabitants and chances are there is more still owed on these depreciating vehicles than their liquidation value.

Around Halloween, when the Christmas lights go up, Christian DEBT SLAVES go into a renewed spending frenzy, ‘maxing’ out as many credit cards as their wallets will hold, pretending to honor the birth of Jesus by lavishing their children with hundreds of tons of plastic and electronic junk that will be broken, in the trash, or sold in garage sales for pennies on the dollar, months before the credit card bill has been paid.

American Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists, in an attempt to outspend the Christian DEBT SLAVES, also become hooked on the American cult of material waste and consumption without thought of the consequences or of their own financial futures. The Christian DEBT SLAVES can at least fabricate a rationalization in their minds for wasteful spending, while those of other faiths, like moths drawn to a flame, become equally hooked on the narcotic effects of easy plastic money made available to all during this so-called ‘festive season’.

Yes, indeed, one of the great fundamentals of THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE is THE AMERICAN WAY OF DEBT and the misery it brings to those millions of Americans who have become DEBT SLAVES.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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