Over the millennia there have been hundreds of concepts of life after death. From Heaven to Nirvana and points in between, the human mind has attempted to deal with the great mysteries of the Universe. The Alpha and the Omega, states of spiritual awareness and communion with God, the concept of infinity, the force which created God, and especially if one’s essence or soul survive biological death.

On the first of December 2001, while meditating and attempting to make spiritual contact with the universal God-force, the spiritual leader of THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH suddenly became aware of pattern in diverse concepts of ‘heaven’ originating in various faiths which led to the formation in his mind, of a new word, “ETHICIA”, as well as the beginnings of an understanding of what the term ETHICIA represents.

ETHICIA is the physical and spiritual universe combined.

ETHICIA is the realm of total harmony with the essence of the universal God both in the eternal hereafter as well as in the infinity of the past.

ETHICIA is from whence the inherent goodness of the human spirit was derived and to where the God-instilled goodness in the human spirit returns at the end of the biological life cycle.

ETHICIA is the realm of the spirit of God inherent in all life-forms of Creation from the eternal beginning of time to the everlasting future of the infinitely evolving Universe.

ETHICIA is the realm of omniscience from perfect union with the God-force of the Universe.

ETHICIA is where all the mysteries of the Universe shall be revealed and where perfect union and harmony with the spirit of God will unite one’s spirit and soul with those of all who and which have passed before.

ETHICIA is both heaven and nirvana and points in between.

ETHICIA has no beginning, no end, and no boundaries.

ETHICIA is home to the spiritual essences or souls of all the beings of Creation. It is here where the human spirit is in perfect communion and union with the spirits of birds and butterflies as well as all other creatures of Creation. 

ETHICIA is where we will finally realize that all creatures great and small throughout the infinity of the ageless Universe are our brothers and sisters as all life forms are the children of the universal God-force. We will know the whale, the eagle, and the wolf, and be at one and at peace with their spirits and souls as designed by God.

ETHICIA is the realm of reunion with the essence of God and all of the family of God and thus the reunion with the essence of love as originally instilled by God in one’s immediate family, for in ETHICIA there is no hate, or anger, or jealousy, or greed, or hubris—only the ‘original love’ as in infancy before any infection with THE SATAN VIRUS by the negative elements of ‘culture’ and ‘civilization’.

ETHICIA can only accept the purity and goodness of the human soul which is saturated with the spirit of God. The spirit of evil or Satan can only exist as a parasite in the mind of the living. Biological death destroys any essence of evil attached to the life of a living being and only that part of the soul or spirit as created by God and instilled with ‘original love’ returns to ETHICIA at the death of the body. That part of the spirit which had been infected with THE SATAN VIRUS can only survive as a super-organic quality of evil, as manifested in culture. Thus our culture can be infected with the evil ‘left behind’ by such humans as Adolph Hitler, where it can pass from human to human and from one biological generation to the next.

The only way for the Satan virus to be extirpated is if it is destroyed by the propagation of ethics and morals in the hearts and souls of the next generation. Thus an immune system, as a part of our culture and civilization can be developed which can fight infection by the Satan virus.

ETHICIA is thus the “Universal Realm” of God’s spirit, beauty, and eternal love.


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