Ethicians worldwide are called upon to not only set an example for others in the conduct of their lives, but to pro-actively witness to their friends, associates, acquaintances and even strangers, about the critical importance of making the ethical values of their individual faiths an integral part of their daily lives.

Ethicans are called upon to gently rebuke those whom they see are conducting themselves in a way which is not in accordance with the Ethician Rule or "Golden Rule of the New Millennium".

When Ethicians set the example of honoring God by respecting Creation, they show proof to others that it is possible to live quality lives without exploiting others, without wasting resources, without defiling nature, and without worshiping money instead of worshiping God.

Following is a list of examples Ethicians may set in order to educate others:

1. If your lawn is a grass monoculture, convert it into a butterfly garden and bird sanctuary.

2. Take the children in your church's Sunday School classes on a field trip to explore the glories of God's Creation.

3. Start a recycling program in your church, school, or office and encourage others to recycle at home.

4. Rather than expressing envy or joy when your friend or acquaintance shows off a new "Macho Machine" that gets 5 miles to the gallon, express regret that so much precious gasoline will be wasted and so much money spent for fuel which could have been used to pay a home mortgage or college tuition.

5. Show off your attractive clothing without ego-inflating designer labels and express your happiness about the money you saved in so doing.

6. When taking friends out for dinner, avoid "junk food" restaurants and recommend dishes which do not contain meat from "factory farms". By the same token if you are a guest, politely recommend the same.

There are thousands of examples which Ethicians can set to show others a better way of achieving a high quality of life which will bring joy to God's heart by respecting the blessings which He has bestowed upon us.


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