Ethician families come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. They speak many languages, worship God in many different ways, and live in every corner of the Earth.

Ethician families may be made up of many different configurations such as a mother and three children, or a mother and a father and only one child, or a husband and wife and not children, or same-sex mothers and fathers with children, or grandparents raising a child.

Ethician families may be rich or poor, they may be illiterate or have Ph.D.'s, and they may consist of mostly the young or the elderly.

Despite the great and wonderful diversity there are several life styles and philosophies which are common to all Ethician families including the following:

1. They bring only those children into this world that they have the means and ability to love, care for, nurture, educate, feed, and clothe without causing a negative impact on others or the future of the world.

2. They show their respect for God by showing respect for all Creation. They are good stewards and try to leave the world as they found it or restore that which has been blemished or defiled by others.

3. They avoid 'junk foods', foods from any animal which is a threatened or endangered species or which has suffered from abuse, and foods adulterated by pesticides or chemical additives.

4. They avoid violence on television, video games, or sports and promote non-violent recreational activities for themselves and their children.

5. They teach their children that kindness begets kindness and that "The Golden Rule" in the many forms it manifests itself in each of the Earth's great religious traditions should be the basic rule for living.

6. They dedicate their free time to the pursuit of happiness which comes from enjoying beautiful art, music, poetry, and all of the beauties of Creation.


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