America’s huge and growing prison industry degrades not only the souls and spirits of the captives, but the incarcerators as well. Tens of thousands of America’s youth have had their future’s destroyed for having committed minor infractions in which there was no victim except themselves.

Just as the body-bag manufacturers and napalm makers during the Viet-Nam era profited from unwarranted death and destruction, so too does the massive industry of locking our citizens away under oftentimes cruel and inhumane conditions.

The biggest profiteers from crime are often not the criminals but those corporate entities which make body armor, stun guns, cell doors, hand-cuffs, windowless super-max torture chambers, and other weapons against education, kindness, rehabilitation, and civilization itself.

The Universal Ethician Church is committed to reforming America’s prisons; changing them from being inhumane garbage dumps for human souls and turning them into the type of place which Jesus Christ would wish God’s errant children to spend quality time until they had re-dedicated their lives to doing good works and living by “The Golden Rule of the New Millennium”.

“Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord”. Most American Christians and Jews proclaim this to be true yet many of our prisons are operated as centers of vengeance which destroy lives, families, souls, futures and will ultimately destroy America.

The World Headquarters of THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH is located in Huntsville, Texas, “Death Capital of the ‘Free’ World”. Here we have witnessed the evil’s of the unconstitutional penalty of death applied against both innocent and reformed human beings. We have witnessed the horrors of families torn asunder by long prison terms for human beings who could have been adequately supervised in their own homes, with their own families helping them become better citizens. We have witnessed the countless shattered lives of prison guards, wardens, and especially those who take part in state sanctioned murder in a community where “Thou shalt not kill” has been erased from “The Ten Commandments”.

What are a few examples of what an Ethician Prison would be like?

1. Every human being, whether the guard or the guarded would have access to natural sunlight and a daily association with the natural world. God never intended for humans to be removed from the rest of His Creation.

2. Prisoners would be taught to grow their own fruits and vegetables and those who had earned the right through good works and exemplary example would be allowed to have their own small garden plots so that they could take pride in the works of their hands.

3. All prisons would be built by prison labor only using the same standards of worker rights and safety which are applied in the ‘free world’. In this way prisoners would learn marketable skills with which they could earn honest livings upon release. This would destroy the massive lobbying efforts of private prison building contractors who coerce politicians into building more and more prisons.

4. Prisons would work with humane societies to provide loving homes for homeless animals. By loving and caring for another living creature, prisoners learn empathy and learn to accept the love of another creature of God. Of course no abuse of any animal would ever be tolerated. 

5. Prisoners and guards would be encouraged to achieve the highest level of education possible. Why not let those who are guarding the prisoners taking classes also take the class at the same time? There are many brilliant citizens who are under costly lock and key who could be released with degrees up to and including Ph.D and M.D.

6. Convicts would learn about the benefits of hard work, money management, and ethical capitalism if they were paid minimum wage for their work and then were required to use their earnings to help pay the overhead of maintaining them, pay restitution to their victims if any, and help support their families. A prisoner who worked at least a 40 hour week should be allowed to retain a percentage of earnings for luxury items such as candy, art supplies etc.

7. Convicts who refused appropriate employment, did not wish to receive an education, nor refused to participate in their rehabilitation would receive only Spartan food and shelter. Convicts would receive their rewards, such as television watching privileges and participation in sports through their good work and good behavior.

8. Those convicts, who opted to remain violent and refused to take part in building a positive prison environment would have to be isolated from others but they would never be placed in inhumane windowless cells which are far worse than the dungeons of the middle ages and which destroy their spirits and souls. 

9. The ‘death penalty’ would never be applied by the state. In the event that a prisoner opted to ‘meet his maker’ and exact his punishment from God, and after every reasonable means established that the prisoner was of sound mind, that personal choice would be between the prisoner and God alone, and a humane means of passing from this world to the next would be made available.

10. Prisoners would be encouraged to attend worship services and those who opted not to would be required to participate in lessons in ethics and empathy.

11. Prisoners would be encouraged to make amends for their transgressions by accomplishing good works such as counseling young people, training seeing-eye dogs, rehabilitating native ecosystems, building schools, planting flowers and re-cycling discarded items.

12. Art, dance, theater, prose and poetry writing and other cultural activities would be made available to those convicts who earned the right to participate. Convict artists and craft people would be able to sell their works at prison stores open to the public, with part of the proceeds going to charitable works.

Prisons do not have to be inhumane. Prisons do not have to be human warehouses. Prisons do not have to dehumanize. Prisons do not have to destroy families. 

Let us all work together to create ETHICIAN PRISONS where the spirit of God’s love will so fill the hearts of the incarcerated that their lives will be changed for the good of humanity and the Glory of God and His Creation.


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