‘False Patriots’ are working for the destruction of America. Many are genuine patriots in their hearts and minds and do not realize that their actions are destructive to the long-term survival as the greatest nation in the history of the earth.

What makes otherwise good citizens ‘false patriots’?

In some cases it is abject ignorance. In others it is ignorance coupled with greed. The worst kind of false patriot is the flag waver who is fully aware of his or her actions yet opts to sell out to their personal greed or desire for power.

I have personally encountered several ‘false patriots’ who were undermining America because of their careers or their actions.

One was a genuine patriot on the outside and in his own mind yet whored himself out to a foreign power to lobby against the fair export of American products to offset the unfair imbalance of trade with that country.

Another, an ex-Congressman, sold his talents and skills to lobby for foreign powers which had ties to terroristic and extremist anti-American organizations.

A third was a U.S. State Department employee who probably believed that he was working for peace and freedom, yet in actuality was playing into the hands of forces which ultimately would undermine America.

There is another kind of false patriot who does not represent those values which preserve and protect the America established by our country’s founders.

Let’s look at a few examples:

1. Have you ever noticed that the bigger the flag outside an auto dealership, the less chance the vehicles sold were manufactured in America?

2. Have you ever noticed huge American flags outside junk food outlets which are undermining the health of our citizens with products which are causing obesity, premature heart attacks and other negative health problems?

3. Have you ever noticed American flags flown over huge multi-national corporate businesses which import millions of products produced by Chinese and other Third-World labor at pay rates of $2.00 per day and which destroy millions of jobs for American family providers?

When otherwise good citizens are blinded by greed and the worship of money over genuine respect for the best values of freedom and democracy which America represents, the long-term future of America is threatened.

Beware the ‘false patriot’ and do not be blinded by the beauty of their huge over-sized American flags blowing in the breeze.

George H. Russell

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