Most folks in America belong to THE FEEL GOOD CHURCH. They may believe that they are Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians etc. but in fact far too many churches of all denominations are “Feel Good Churches”.

What are some of the characteristics of a “Feel Good Church”?

1. The preacher never rebukes his members for their errant ways, for rebuke would certainly result in a smaller ‘love offering’.

2. The preacher makes those who give the most feel really good about their generosity regardless of whether the money was gained through ethical means or not.

3. The preacher leads his followers to believe that they are “saved” no matter how many evil deeds they commit as long as they are active tithers.

4. “Feel Good Churches” separate the hour of prayer on Sunday from “The Business Week” when ethics can go by the wayside.

5. The preacher rarely preaches on controversial subjects which would make his members uncomfortable.

6. “Feel Good Churches” lead people to believe that Jesus will come and pluck them up to heaven when the earth is unfit for human life; therefore making concern for God’s Creation unimportant. Stewardship at “Feel Good Churches” is making sure there is plenty of money in the parking lot and air-conditioning funds.


Our members confront the difficult choices which we must all make in our lives which will make God’s Creation, which is our habitat, a better place for all of God’s children.

When Ethicians make God happy, it makes them happy and joyful. Then they can honestly ‘feel good’ about themselves and about their good works in God’s name.


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