God is dying and we His children are killing Him. God is alive in all Creation and as we destroy for eternity God’s little creatures one by one, we are killing the spirit of God which lives therein.

We are in the process of killing Planet Eden. We are destroying God’s pure air which He loaned us to breathe. We are polluting God’s pure waters which He loaned us to quench our thirst. We are sucking the earth dry of God’s fossil fuels which He so graciously provided to last for all generations.

When the last great whale is slaughtered a part of God will die with it. When the last great redwood is felled a part of God will die with it.  When the last Passenger Pigeon died a part of God died with it. Millions of God’s creatures both great and small are in danger of human caused extinction. As each one breathes its last breath a part of God dies.

At the rate that we are destroying God’s Creation and what little is left of Planet Eden, God will soon be dead along with all humans in this part of His universe.

Hopefully God has other sapient children on other planets that love and respect Him enough to be good stewards of that which He has given them.


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