Invest is this. Invest in that. Everyday we are inundated with promotions that are supposed to make us rich overnight.

We are consumed with our investments in the stock market, in commodities, in real estate, in art, and antiques. 

Many ‘get rich quick’ investments defile God and thus defile our souls, thus threatening our very salvation.

Far too often our money is being used to destroy that which God has blessed us with, both for the benefit of this generation but all generations to come.

The one thing that we are failing to invest in is our souls and that is the most important investment a person can make for its benefits far outweigh those derived from the worship of money.

How do we invest in our souls and what are the benefits to be derived from those investments?

1. Contemplate the beauty of God’s Creation and give thanks. We are surrounded by the greatest works of art ever created. We fill our souls with the spirit of God by watching a billowing cloud, a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, or tasting the raindrops as they fall. These investments will bring us great reward when pulled from our memory banks in times of loneliness or sorrow or when our eyes have failed us. 
2. Help a child grow up to be a person whose life will be devoted to living according to The Golden Rule of the New Millennium. When you invest in the ethical education of future generations, your soul becomes filled with joy, for you know that you have pleased God. Joy cannot be bought at the stock market.
3. Give of yourselves to those in need of food, shelter, clothing and love. By acting toward others as Jesus would your soul is filled with the spirit of Christ and His love. This investment will bring the greatest reward of all when it is time to meet your Maker. There is no known stock, bond, or certificate of deposit which pays the dividend of Salvation.
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