JESUS COME BACK!!! Since you left, the world has become more chaotic than ever. Greed and the lust for power have entered the souls of far too many people. Your Father’s gift of Creation which gives us life is in mortal danger. It is if a Satan Virus has infected our political leaders as well as the captains of industry.

JESUS COME BACK!!! Children are dying from hunger, God’s pure waters have been polluted, God’s pure air is unfit to breathe in our cities. Many of the wonderful and beautiful animals that Your Father commanded Noah to save are on the verge of extinction.

JESUS COME BACK!!! Cancer is killing millions because our once pure foods which You provided for us are now adulterated with chemical concoctions, the sale of which lines the pockets of those who profit from suffering and death. The fish of our rivers, lakes and oceans have been poisoned with mercury and carcinogenic chemicals. Babies are being born with terrible deformities.

JESUS COME BACK!!! We need you now more than ever.


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