Many powerful and influential Americans, out of hubris, greed, ignorance, and hypocrisy, get together in their corporate and government offices and say, ‘LET’S PLAY GOD’, which appears in far too many cases to be their favorite game.

God commanded Noah to save each and every species of Creation. Our captains of government and industry play God and decide to cause the extinction of one or more of God’s animals on a daily basis if they get in the way of their pursuit of wealth and power.

God created pure air for us to breathe and water for us to drink but the God pretenders decide that God was wrong and so work toward the destruction of our air and water quality.

Pretending to be God and changing His rules to the detriment of all future generations of God’s children must be a whole lot of fun since so many powerful and important humans seem to excel in the unethical game of “Let’s Play God”.

Quite frankly, it appears that they are in reality playing the role of Satan than that of God in their decision making processes and destructive actions.

Maybe the game should be “Let’s Play Satan”. At least that would be more honest!

Then they could have fun planning the next holocaust, designing more efficient weapons of mass destruction, clear-cutting the last of God’s original forests, sucking the planet dry, and lying, cheating and stealing before attending weekly church services.

Whether they are playing the role of God or Satan, the evil result is still the same. Planet Eden is doomed, along with all of God’s wonderful Creation, unless our corporate and political leaders decide to play the role of ethical stewards, rather than rapacious exploiters.


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