When God created the universe He set in motion a great experiment which has provided Him with infinite joy, for from the stardust which provided the seeds from which our universe has evolved and developed, life sprang forth upon a few of His favored planets.

Our home He called Eden. From the dust of stars God watched the first tiny forms of life emerge and over hundreds of millions of years, (which to God, is no more than the twinkling of His eye), new and more amazing life-forms appeared and departed, until one day on His “Planet of Life”, the most sapient product of God’s great creative powers emerged as Homo Sapiens, the first family of which we call Adam and Eve.

How happy God must have been to see His human children living together with all Creation on Planet Eden. God’s great experiment had been a huge success and God smiled as He admired His handiwork of millions of species of birds and butterflies, reptiles, and mammals. He took great delight in watching the bees fertilizing His myriad wildflowers. God smiled upon all of His children both human and animal and He was glad.

Then something went wrong. The pinnacle of His creative powers, His human children, the one’s to which He had assigned the duty of caring for His Planet of Life began to defile Planet Eden and to squabble and fight and even kill one another. They misused the gift of fire and burned God’s forests, they laid waste His pure springs of life-giving water, they turned their backs on their role as stewards and forgot about caring for Creation.

His Planet of Life was being turned into the Planet of Death, by those of His Creation in whom He had placed the most faith, because they had been blessed with the greatest intellectual capacity. How sad and disappointed God must be to see His greatest works of art plundered and defiled by His own children, the pinnacle of His creative prowess. 

Just as Dr. Frankenstein’s experiment turned into Frankenstein’s monster, we, God’s children have become a collective monster, destroying not only each other but the very life support systems of the Planet of Life which God provided for us to last until the end of time.

Hopefully God has not given up on us entirely and we will come to our senses and begin caring for Creation. If we do not, then God will place His faith in His experiments on some of His other Planets. Perhaps somewhere in the infinite vastness of God’s universe, there shall emerge from the dust of stars as sown by God, a special people who will live in peace and harmony with all that God will have provided them, and God will smile and be happy.


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