PRETTY POISON comes in many forms and many disguises.

It lures, charms, engages, mesmerizes, and kills.

What are some examples of “pretty poison”?


Lush manicured lawns are pretty to look at but are the cause of death for millions of God’s birds, butterflies, and other of God’s animal children which rely on the tapestry of Creation for their survival. In addition they are usually laced with a deadly chemical soup of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other deadly and cancer causing poisons. Thousands of Americans suffer and die premature deaths from handling and applying these poisons. Children who play on these lawns are subjected to chemicals which can cause irreversible damage to their growing bodies. Garden Clubs honor those whose lawns are perfect examples of “pretty poison” and city governments and neighborhood association ‘weed police’ harass and condemn those persons who honor God by keeping Creation healthy and safe on their property.


Most golf courses today are examples of ‘pretty poison’, for the same reasons that manicured lawns spell death to all but a single species of grass. “Golf with Nature” should be the theme of modern golf courses which would protect and preserve the native biota as created by God. We should show our respect for Creation and “Golf with God”.


The advertising industry uses beautiful people as snares to lure the gullible into believing that smoking is sexy and desirable. Models who whore themselves out to the advertising industry to lure children to become addicted to the terrible killer drug nicotine are ‘pretty poison’. Another example is the beautiful prostitute infected with AIDs who lures customers to their eventual deaths.

We are surrounded by many other types of ‘fatal attractions’ to which we are lured and which make up a long list of ‘pretty poisons’. Beautiful models pose by motorcycles or ‘angel makers’. Photos of exotic resorts which have been built at the expense of rainforests and reefs beckon. Luxury liners exude an aura of prestige and relaxation while polluting our oceans and destroying sea life including God’s whales.

Ethicians strive to not be lured by ‘pretty poisons’. We look beyond the hype and artificial sense of chemical and plastic induced aesthetics to search for the truth.


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