Politicians, much like the scribes and Pharisees of old, love to make a public spectacle of prayer. They work diligently to stir the public up by telling the big lie that prayer is not allowed in our public schools.

Many of these loud-mouthed politicians proclaim themselves to be Christians and thump on their Bibles, while spouting mindless babble, which in no way honors the Word of the Christ they proclaim they so love. In fact Jesus was very much opposed to the sort of hypocrisy blatantly trumpeted by today’s scribes and Pharisees. Jesus recommended that prayer be in secret and in the wilderness, not in the school auditorium or over the loud speakers in each classroom.

The fact is that until the thought police plant chips in our heads to prevent us from praying or forcing us to pray a certain way to a certain god, we can pray at any time, at any place, in any way, to any concept of God, and for any thing for any reason.

Millions of silent prayers are being said every hour of every day by millions of school children and their teachers. For Christians, that is the kind of prayer that honors and glorifies Jesus.

In the event that any school would like to set aside a MEDITATION MINUTE, in order to bring enough silence to the class-room that children can meditate or pray in silence, without distraction, that would be totally in keeping with THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and in accordance with THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS, as well as honoring the rights of each child to pray in accordance with their individual spiritual tradition.


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