Just as the Titanic was the greatest ship of its time, America is the greatest country of our time, yet just as the captain of the Titanic was too arrogant and too egotistical to understand that the Titanic was headed for disaster, so too, the captains of America refuse to change course when contronted with the greatest iceberg of all time in the form of wholesale environmental destruction.

How evil!!! How corrupt!!! How stupid!!! How arrogant!!!

The captains of America have been forwarned of disaster, see disaster straight ahead in a collision course, yet steer directly toward the ultimate destruction of our freedom, our democracy, our quality of life, and the future of all humankind.

Greed begets greed, evil begets evil, corruption begets corruption, ignorance begets ignorance, and hubris begets hubris.

Every person who cares about America, who cares about God, who cares about the future of their children and their children's children, must rebuke the foolish ways of the captains of America and cause them to change course before it is too late.

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