America has become a nation of TRASHY WOMEN and TRASHY MEN.

When I was a child, America was not nearly so wasteful or trashy. Our city dump was an exciting place surrounded by houses belonging to the families of recyclers.

If we had anything to dispose of at the dump, our car would be surrounded by children trained to spot anything of value that could be repaired and sold. Many people made their living by picking out the millions of board feet of used lumber that was discarded each year, the tons of bricks, the bicycles with one wheel, and thousands of other items. Today TRASHY AMERICANS discard billions of dollars worth of valuable commodities in land fills where recycling is prohibited.

In those days, there was a two cent deposit on pop bottles and a soda water only cost five cents, two candy canes for a penny, and we could go to the movies for nine cents. That two cent deposit was the equivalent in buying power of at least 25 cents. There were no soda water bottles along our roadways. The moment a foolish rich person tossed out a bottle it was picked up by a young entrepreneur. Today TRASHY AMERICANS have disgraced our highways with hundreds of millions of soft drink containers that have so little value that we must use a great deal of tax money to pick them up and bury them in landfills.

When I was a child, we grew much of our own food in organic gardens and there was no waste. What scraps the dog didn’t eat went into the compost pile to become fertilizer for the next generation of vegetables. We even had a surplus and I used to earn extra money by taking my wagon loaded with fresh picked green beans, cabbages, and other vegetables from door to door to earn a little spending money. Today, TRASHY INDUSTRIES produce mountains of instant trash in the form of plastic bags, wraps, boxes, cartons, bags, Styrofoam and other containers that will be used to package a potato or two and that will be discarded as trash to be buried in landfills.

The huge corporate monsters that thrive off of the laziness, ignorance, and lack of ethics or patriotism of TRASHY AMERICANS are destroying our forests to make paper and cardboard trash. They are sucking America dry of our precious petroleum resources with which to make plastic trash. They are purchasing the allegiance of the political whores that are in control of America in order to not have to recycle the trash that they are producing from the life blood of what was once America the Beautiful.

TRASHY WOMEN of America, repent and change your ways. Raise hell with those who are forcing you to carry around and discard the trash that American industry wraps around products that often weigh less than the packaging.

Just think of how much money you could save if you were only paying for the product and not the billions of dollars worth of trash that it is wrapped in.

TRASHY MEN of America, repent and change your ways. For the most part it is men who run the trash producing industries and male politicians who sell their souls to the trash industry.  Wake up and reform before America is clear-cut, sucked dry and buried under a mountain of trash.

CHILDREN of America, nag at your parents and place them on massive guilt trips for their role in destroying the country in which you will raise your children. Tell them that you would rather see forests than mountains of paper trash lining the highway. Tell them that you could use a little spending money and could even buy your own clothes if there was a twenty-five cent deposit on soft drink containers. Tell your parents that you are concerned about their apparent lack of patriotism and caring for America and America’s future. The TRASHY MEN and TRASHY WOMEN of America haven’t listened to me but maybe they will listen to you.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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