What would Noah do if he were here today, watching as species after species of God's Creation were driven to extinction by greedy and uncaring humans?

Would not Noah be both sad and outraged at the same time? Just imagine the sacrifice he made in gathering two or each and every living creature and caring for them as God had commanded. Just imagine how Noah and his family tended to each and every animal, making sure that each was made comfortable and happy in the Ark during the long weeks of confinement.

I believe that Noah would shed a tear for each of the species he preserved and protected that are being destroyed and that his tears would become a river of grief while he watched thousands upon thousands of species disappear from the face of the Earth.

What would Noah do? He would preach God's commandment to save all of God's Creation to all peoples in every nation. He would raise an army of believers who would demand that their governments pass laws to protect the Earth from destruction.

He would go unto the boards of the mega-corporations which are plundering the Earth and teach morality and ethics and cause them to honor God and His Creation.

He would go unto the bankers who finance the destruction of God's Creation and teach them to respect God and to no longer loan money for evil works.

He would go unto the landowners of the world and teach them stewardship.

If only Noah were here to do these things, then perhaps there would be a chance that we might be saved from our own self-destruction.

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