Throughout much of the history of our great nation we worked toward building a country that would be the pride of the world.

Our public buildings expressed quality and beauty. Even on the frontier of the 19th Century, pioneers strived to give even their log homes, classical features.

In 1847 Sam Houston built a beautiful Greek Revival townhouse for his wife, in the frontier village of Huntsville, Texas. Under the fabric of classical beauty was an infrastructure of logs.

The 1852, the Austin College building in the same town was a magnificent classical brick building from which emerged the first law and classical architecture graduates in the State of Texas. In 1879, the finest Gothic Revival classroom building west of the Mississippi River had been built nearby.

America was concerned with beauty, culture, education, ethics, patriotism, and a desire to achieve a destiny unlike any that had ever been achieved in history.

(This essay is in no way attempting to deny the imperfections in our emerging nation. We must never forget slavery and the destruction of Native American civilization, nor can we deny the destruction of our ancient forests and wildlife.)

There was always a backwater of Americans who were indolent, lazy, immoral, illiterate, promiscuous, drunken and cruel; popularly referred to as WHITE TRASH.

Traditionally, children who happened to have been born into families with WHITE TRASH VALUES, strived to overcome their heritage and associate themselves with a higher cause and way of life.

Tragically, the last few decades has seen America promote WHITE TRASH VALUES, rather than aspire to the greatness that our ancestors had hoped for.

Where once our schools reflected the best that progressive architects could design, they are now little more than windowless cinderblock warehouses where children are not taught to think or reason, but only how to take mindless tests to make the political whores that now control America, happy.

Where once our public buildings were great examples of classical architecture, they now tend to be shoddy metallic sheds stuck on acres of ugly concrete. The world class “Old Main” building on the campus of Sam Houston State University was torched in order to build metallic barn-like structures to house the Art Department.

Where once we proudly displayed our cooking skills in quality restaurants, we now pollute the air waiting in lines in front of the drive-in windows of hideously ugly junk food palaces.

Where once our streets and byways were shaded by ancient trees, there are now thousands of square miles of desolate treeless ‘heat islands’ that are making our cities and towns living hells.

Where once we sang “America the Beautiful” with pride, there is now an endless sea of stumps, concrete, plastic, and gridlock.

We have collectively embraced WHITE TRASH VALUES and are on our way to becoming a Third World White Trash Nation.

Wake up America, before it is too late!!!

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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