May 20, 2002

Strange Convergences

Over the years my life has been the focal point of STRANGE CONVERGENCES, most of which have been long forgotten in some backwater of my mind.

Many of these convergences one might call luck or fate or karma, whatever any of the forgoing really mean. Or, one might call them milestones along a path pre-determined by some higher authority. The bottom line, however, is that these STRANGE CONVERGENCES are beyond the bounds of statistical chance and if they could be applied to a roulette wheel in Vegas, I would by now be a billionaire.

Some relatively recent convergences have been documented in my CATHEDRAL TALES, while many others have never been recorded. Yesterday evening’s convergence has motivated me to finally create this web site, the domain name for which I reserved long ago.

As my weary synapses have a hard enough time recalling some of the events themselves I will not be able to offer specific dates for many of those happenings that come to the surface of my mind from time to time, but I hope, before my brain becomes food for one of our vultures…

(STRANGE CONVERGENCE ALERT!!! Just as I typed the word ‘vultures’ above, a beautiful Turkey Vulture soared straight toward my window from the Great Spirit Wilderness. His path, had he not soared upward at the last moment, would have had him crashing through the window, I suppose in order to get a better view of my decaying yet still juicy brains.)

…in a modern SKY BURIAL, I will be able to amuse my readers with some of the more memorable events in my life. Perhaps I should write an autobiography entitled, “MY LIFE AS A SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE”.

So here, dear reader, I sit, on a gorgeous Spring day, just two days away from the anniversary of my 57th year on the remnants of Planet Eden, jotting down a few recollections of just this past week:


1. Last Sunday we were to be honored with special guests at our services at THE HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL and so I asked my parents to read through a few of my SERMONETTES and choose one that they thought would appeal to our guests. I listened to my mother read for awhile and then for some unknown reason, which I assume to have been boredom, I picked up my annotated Bible, opened it at random, and when I looked down at my finger, it was on the very passage that she was reading at that exact moment from my Sermonette.

2. At last Sunday’s services, during the discussion period after the MEDITATION MOMENT, we were discussing how John the Baptist, preached in the wilderness, and that it was in the wilderness that Jesus had been baptized. Our guest then mentioned how John subsisted on honey and locusts during his mission in the wilderness. At the very instant that the word “locusts” was spoken a raucous choir of locusts began to sing to the point that the noise was almost deafening. Until that moment we had not heard a single locust this Spring.

3. Yesterday afternoon, as I was driving from THE CITY OF DEATH to THE WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL, I was listening to the radio and thinking about one of my employees who had suffered through ten years of marriage to a man who didn’t know how to be a good husband and how fortunate she was to have recently found a truly good man with which to replace him. At that very moment, a song was played that I had never heard before which described her situation in hilarious lyrics. The song was “You Can Have My Husband But Don’t Mess With My Man” by Lasalle.

4. On this same day, I had a little time before the appointed hour for my services to begin at the Cathedral, so for some reason, I turned down the road leading to Bass Boat Village and the marina. Two men were sitting at a table in front of one of the garages. Thinking that they must be a couple of fishermen, I stopped long enough to say ‘hello’. For some reason, my intuition told me to get out of the car and ask to join them at the table. After some pretty serious questioning they finally revealed their identities. One of the men was the Director of the Environmental Science Laboratory at Lamar University, and the other was a Chemistry Professor from Wilks College in Pennsylvania. I invited them to Church services and lo and behold they showed up with a lady friend. All three were anointed as Deacons, after which the two men revealed that as I pulled up in my car, they had been discussing entropy and the tragic waste of our resources as well as their dream to establish an Environmental Studies Institute somewhere nearby, not realizing that they were dreaming the same dream as I had been since 1998, the year that both of us had purchased our first properties at Waterwood.

The Professors were totally excited to learn that my parents had established a Research Natural Forest on the greater cathedral grounds and I feel confident that something good for the Earth will come from our chance encounter, which is the STRANGE CONVERGENCE that gave me the energy to begin building this web site.

Ethicius I


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