17 June 2007

6 pm On the Ethician Queen at the Russell Pyramid

I was sitting at the back of the steamboat watching 10 Vultures cavorting around in the updrafts.

I said to myself, “I wish the Eagle would come out.” Instantaneously, an adult Bald Eagle flew from Pool Creek and landed in a dead pine tree just across the cove from where I was sitting.

Yesterday, I left my father’s house and as I was approaching the intersection of Doral and Bay Hill a Bald Eagle flew directly toward my vehicle, not 30 feet in the air and then down Bay Hill under the canopy of the trees.

The Eagle, after perching in the tree for around 15 minutes, took off
and flew toward 980 along the Pool Creek flyway. If SHECO prevails, we
are certainly going to lose some Eagle to the 138 kv.

Also, more fresh peckings on live old-growth pines on the golf course.
Saw a pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers in hardwoods but not on the pines.

16 January 2007

My Mother had just dictated to me her desires to be included in the
Fourth Cocicil to her Will which included desires for the establishment
of several new Natural Area Preservation Association Wildlife
Sanctuaries in her name, as a perpetual legacy to the future of the Planet.

Just as I was finishing typing up the requested document, an adult Bald
Eagle flew out from our Eagle Sanctuary and flew back and forth above
the Sanctuary which is right in front of my window. This flight, in
front of my computer work station, lasted not only during the completion
of the document but also until after it had been printed out.

Just as I began writing this Strange Convergence story the Eagle flew
out from his Sanctuary directly toward my window and then swooped up
over the house.

The appearance of the Eagle over his Sanctuary is nearly always
associated with a Strange Convergence and is always a good sign.


25 September 2006 STRANGE CONVERGENCES "Charlie Wilson's War"

I cold-called B. Spellman to speak with him about his lot at Waterwood (Green Tree Village II). He is very much inclined to donate the lot to NAPA but wants us to wait six weeks before we re-open the lines of communication and send him information about NAPA as he is going overseas for six weeks.

It turns out he part of the crew shooting "Charlie's War" in Morocco with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. He started describing what the movie was about and Charlie's efforts to kick the Russians out of Afganistan. He seemed quite amused to learn that Charlie used to come by my office when in Huntsville to regale me with tales of his exploits in Afganistan both military and of the female variety.

Once, soon after Debbie began working for me, Charlie came by my office and tried to kiss her on the lips. She turned her head so that he only got to peck her cheek. Charlie seemed shocked and offended that Debbie didn't play along with him. He was used to having Miss World or Miss Universe or who knows however many starlets chasing him so wasn't used to having his advances stymied.

After he left, I asked Debbie why she didn't kiss him on the lips. I will never forget her answer:

"He's so ugly he'd make a freight train take a dirt road".

Now if Charlie had looked like Tom Hanks, she probably would have raped him on the spot.

28 October 2005 Wilderness Cathedral

A lady who loves Waterwood because of the wildlife was being interviewed for an infomercial. She said that she had never seen an Eagle. At that moment a flock of Vultures began circling over the Wilderness Cathedral. I said, "sometimes Eagles fly with the Vultures" and suddenly at that very moment two adult Bald Eagles flew from the Cathedral and joined the Vultures. After the Vultures left they put on an acrobatic display which lasted several minutes.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my parent's next door neighbor about birds. He is 70 years old and said that he had never seen an Osprey. I told him to stay alert and he might see one. Within a minute an Osprey flew right overhead.

A couple of years ago I encountered a group of bird watchers on Doral near my parent's house. I told them that if they were lucky they might see an Eagle even though I hadn't seen one in some time. One of the couples said that they had never seen an Eagle. At that very moment I looked up and three Eagles were flying overhead. The bird watchers were sore amazed.

Now if we had a resident population of these birds these strange convergences might not seem so strange. For example, Ospreys had been missing from this part of the lake for many months. Sometimes months go by without a single Eagle spotting, much less two or three at a time, and then at the very moment that I was discussing those birds with elderly bird watchers who had never seen one in their entire lives, the Eagles present themselves in all their majestic glory. Waterwood seems to be a spiritual vortex for the apparition of "Strange Convergences"!!!

30 October 2005

For some reason the lake was practically devoid of birds near the Eagle Sanctuary, save a few Vultures, a Great Blue Heron, Little Blue Heron, a few Cormorants and a Snowy Egret. Gone were the thousands of Pelicans, Cormorants, and large flocks of Vultures that had been parading in front of the house the last few days. I decided to take a walk along the shores of the Eagle Sanctuary. A small gathering of Turkey Vultures were hanging out on the beach and as I approached they flew into the air and began circling overhead. Soon they were joined by a juvenile Eagle. The Vultures soared onward but the Eagle seemed interested in me and where I was going. The curious bird followed me for at least 200 yards as I walked slowly down the beach. Almost every time I looked up the Eagle would be soaring almost directly over my head. As I was walking rather slowly looking for Indian rocks, the big bird must have spent several minutes following me and hovering over me.

Eventually it flew down to Princess Point where it perched in a tree waiting for me to arrive on foot.

Alligator Ranch
5 April 2005

This morning I went out to take down the old tattered American flag in front of the Alligator Ranch house and replace it with a new one. Just as I lowered the old flag, an Eagle flew out of the Eagle Sanctuary and down the shoreline across from the flagpole as if to check on the raising of the new flag.

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