April 9, 2003

The Sunset Eagle

This afternoon, 100 or more Terns were rafting on the whitecaps on the lake, while another 100 or more were flying just two to five feet over the waves. Yesterday, the terns were diving for insects 100 feet and more, over the treetops of The Great Spirit Wilderness. What strange and wonderful birds!

What do the Terns have to do with “The Sunset Eagle” one might ask? Well, from my vantage point at my desk, I look directly across a small inlet toward our Eagle Sanctuary, which is a part of the Great Spirit Wilderness; and for several weeks now, I have not seen even one Eagle; and thus, I am constantly on the lookout for Eagles. For some time now, I have only been visited by Terns, Egrets, Herons, Hummingbirds, Crows, Vultures, Pelicans, and sundry other species; but no Eagles.

Later this afternoon I went to work on the maze of trails I am creating at The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral. After work I walked toward the pier to contemplate the late evening colors reflected upon the waters of the inlet. I could hear the ominous sound of a military helicopter flying nearby. Soon thereafter, a large bird flew toward the West-Northwest, almost directly overhead, reminding me of a huge aircraft—perhaps a 747.

It was the Eagle!!! I looked at my watch and the time was exactly 7:47. Soon thereafter, I received a call that supper was ready so I drove to my parent’s house to eat. For some reason, I felt as if there was some significance to the time that the Eagle flew overhead, after having been gone for so long a time.

I asked my father to look up the exact time of sunset at this latitude on this date on the Internet, and lo and behold, the sun set today at exactly 7:47!!!

What this means, I do not know, but it is certainly another “Strange Convergence”.

Ethicius I


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