April 4, 2003

Eden's Forwarding Address

Thirty-six new species of plants were discovered by botanist, Eric Keith, at The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral today, bringing the total so far to around 600. Eric feels confident that eventually he will discover that we have more species on this “remnant of Eden” (www.edenlost.org) than in the entire “Big Thicket National Preserve”, where around 700 species have been discovered over the years.

Just as I was thinking of the Garden of Eden and the great diversity of Creation that must have existed there, my friend Stuart Cox called out of the blue just to say hello, and it came to my mind that Cox was born in Eden, Texas.

Later, while at the “Pyramid of Russell” I recalled how strange it was that my father’s pyramid happens by a “strange convergence” to be at latitude 30 degrees as is the “Pyramid of Cheops” and how, just a few days before, on March 21, the vernal equinox, my father and I were standing on the East side of the pyramid when the sun shone directly through the western cross window in the pyramid through the eastern cross window and out over the lake.

By accident, his pyramid had been built in perfect alignment with the heavens.

I began to wonder about Eden and where it is thought to have been. When I returned to my office at the “Crocodile Ranch House”, I looked up “Garden of Eden” on Google and discovered that according to tradition it was located just north of the Iraqi city of Basra near Al Qurna at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

What had been the Garden of Eden is now a virtual sterile wasteland, under American attack and assault. The “strange convergence” is that it is almost directly West, following the same latitude toward Giza, and then to the Wilderness Cathedral and the Pyramid of Russell. Apparently, the remnants of Eden have been transferred toward the west to be protected in the sanctuary of the Wilderness Cathedral.

Ethicius I


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