Each year the cheerleaders of the local oligarchy reach their apex of boosterism with the publication of a WALKER COUNTY PROUD section in the local voice of the “Chamber of Greed” and the “Growth and Progress” crowd.

Fictional virtues are extolled and promoted. Walker County, Texas is presented as rich, progressive, cultural and sophisticated—a place to raise a family in a tranquil setting where family values rule. Divorce is unheard of, no one drinks or smokes or sins in any way for they are too busy praising the god of money in the dozens of local churches.

Crime is a distant problem, child abuse has never existed here, birds and deer cavort on our lawns, and our streets would be promoted as being almost paved with gold. One would be led to believe that people who have lived in Walker County all their lives, die and go to heaven, are disappointed when they get there and want to come back.

The sad reality is however that Walker County, Texas has far more to be ashamed of than to be proud of, to wit:

1. Walker County is the “Death Capital” of the so-called ‘free world’. More innocent humans are murdered here by State decree and more guilty humans are executed here than in most dictatorships.

2. The 50,000 acres of National Forests are largely in ruins and destroyed for all time by mindless wholesale clear-cutting and conversion to ‘toilet paper plantations.’ Nearly every acre of private land has been degraded.

3. All highways and byways are littered with plastic, beer and whiskey bottles, soiled diapers, used condoms and tons of unidentifiable filth.

4. Hundreds of human beings live in sub-human conditions without running water, indoor toilets or bathtubs, or enough food to eat.

5. The bloody photographs on the web site
www.road-kill.org were all taken in Walker County where the highway carnage is overwhelming.

6. Nearly every historic building in this historic county has been destroyed or is in danger of destruction. One of the most important historic buildings in Texas was recently bulldozed because there was fear that African American children might go there if it were ever used as a community center.

7. Millions of tax dollars have either disappeared into black holes or misused to incarcerate elementary school children in windowless warehouses which they call schools.

8. The lives of minority school children, bicyclers, the handicapped, and the elderly are in constant danger from lack of sidewalks or any means of safely crossing the grid lock of ill-conceived and poorly designed road networks.

9. Tax dollars are used to destroy locally owned businesses by subsidizing multi-national corporations.

10. Citizens who move into the forest in order to appreciate wildlife are subject to $1,000 fines if they feed the deer because wildlife hating members of the oligarchy may have had a bite taken out of a bush or shrub.

11. Anything goes if it lines the pockets of the oligarchy even if it means more disease, child abuse, divorce, drug abuse, obesity, traffic congestion or other quality of life destroying effects on the poor and downtrodden.

12. Any citizen who dares question the ‘wisdom’ of the ruling elite is immediately ostracized and condemned as being in the way of their view of PROGRESS which means more money in their bank accounts at the expense of the public at large.

Sadly, Walker County, Texas has far more to be ashamed of than to be proud of under the rule of the self-perpetuating oligarchy.

Citizens of Walker County, assert yourselves. Why do your cower out of fear that you will be mocked by the Chamber of Commerce and the ruling elite? Why do you care? Why do your sell your souls and the future of the quality of life of your children and future generations for a pat on the back or an invitation to a ‘Derby Day Party’ by the GOOD OLE BOYS?

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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